. the girl in the house .

 Assalamualaikum awak 

ehem ehem * how to start it eah ? Nama penuh , Nur Amalina Damia . Nama yang tak berapa nak penuhnya , Myna . Memang saya tahu  M-Y-N-A is kind of weirdo name , but its gives me luck . 
Hoho , trust me  
Saya , anak jati Terengganu . Yeah yeah *Ganuuu kiter . I'm proud because I am 
Terengganu-ians !
I love my piano , all my gadgets and wishes to get a DSLR soon . Not a famous amous blogger , just a beginner blogger who want to share with you a life .
In a relationship with Choi Minho , and Married with Shin Dongho .